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Itís elemental, everybody needs minerals!

Minerals support the immune and reproductive systems, produce hormones and enzymes and provide valuable energy. In fact, the proper balance of minerals is crucial to overall good health. The importance of minerals in our diets is often overlooked. Minerals are necessary for 95 percent of our body's daily functions. Minerals are life sustaining. The body can function, however poorly, without vitamins, but without minerals the body will die. Our bodies naturally produce vitamins from their inherent mineral supply, so when minerals are also depleted, our bodies suffer. Overworked soils that have been used to grow thousands of crops of fruits and vegetables are depleted.  The animals we eat can no longer get adequate nutrition from crops that are grown on mineral deficient soils.  Have you ever watched a horse or a cow stretch its neck over barbed wire to get the grass on the other side of the fence.  That's because the "grass really is greener on the other side of the fence".  Since soils no longer have the essential elements that they once did, it is now important and life sustaining to supplement our diets. The most effective way to increase our intake of minerals is through the use of specially formulated liquids. Eighty years ago T. J. Clark introduced the only phytogenically bonded (bonded by the chemical compounds found in certain plants) liquid mineral product of its kind. That product is still available today in its highly refined form as T. J. Clark's Legendary Colloidal Minerals.  The foundation laid 80 years ago by the first T. J. Clark provided the basis for development of the finest liquid nutritional products available anywhere in the world. We hope our discoveries are able to help you in the same way they have helped sustain so many of us over these many years. It is our focused goal to provide our bodies with the building blocks they need to perform their daily task of rebuilding themselves so that we can ward off diseases and recover from intervention therapies that sometimes become necessary.  While we are the first to admit, we haven't achieved perfection, we strive to get a little better at our task each and every day.  And so it has been, for 80 years.

Our Mission

T. J. Clark & Company's mission and promise is to help your family achieve and maintain good health by providing the best nutritional supplements nature has to offer. 

For over 80 years we have helped families like yours  live a more healthy and active life.

We have put together this health information and resource area to help you make educated decisions about your families health supplement needs. 


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