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Did You Know?

bulletSome vitamins can only be made by the body if minerals are there to work with.
bulletVitamins alone have been found completely ineffective in the absence of minerals.
bulletCalcium is needed for nerve function as well as good bones and teeth.
bulletA zinc deficiency can be responsible for the loss of smell and taste.
bulletVitamin E, Selenium and Beta-Carotene are known to reduce the incidence of cancer. It has been suggested that Vitamin E may be beneficial in the treatment of alzheimers.
bulletSodium and potassium regulate hydration levels in the body.
bulletCopper is necessary for proper vascular health. A deficiency in copper is also associated with graying hair and wrinkled skin.
bulletPhosphorus is what gives rigidity to bones and teeth when combined with calcium.
bulletA selenium deficiency is associated with cardiomyopathy.
bulletSulfur is a primary building block for protein along with oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon.
bulletBoron is necessary for good sexual health. Boron also helps with menopause.
bulletCopper, zinc and cobalt are needed for proper digestion.

These few examples are just an illustration of the importance of minerals.  The presence of both major and trace minerals are essential to overall good health.


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